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First Amendment

Apr. 21st, 2008 | 09:03 pm
mood: disappointeddisappointed
music: Muse

So here's the deal: students have first amendment rights. Take a moment with that, think about it, make some cookies and come back.

Thought about it I see. My guess is that most of us would agree that the first amendment is a good thing. Now things are going to become tricky. Would you support a student's right to express their opinion even if you were hurt by that opinion? Think about that one now...let's go with brownies this time. 

I must admit that I do struggle with that one. I've seen so many works by students that I would not agree with and in many cases am offended by, but the student still have the right to their opinion and the expression of it. This does sound like an easy thing to determine but first let me give you a few situations.

First imagine a student that is a racist. They wear t-shirts procliaming their race's greatness, write papers about their ideas and beliefs. Would you still support that student's freedom of speech? Looking at this objectively as long as the student did not threaten other students or criticize other races (only proclaimed how great their race is) their speech is protected by the first amendment.

Coming up on Friday is the Day of Silence. This is a day were students remain silent during the school day as way to represent those gay or bisexual students that have been silenced by society. On this same day students will wear shirts proclaiming straight pride. 

An issue that has recently caused conflict in the schools is the criticism of the Pledge. The hypocritical thing I've noticed is that people will proclaim patriotism and them call for a violation of the a person's first amendment rights. These ideas could not be more in conflict with each other. 

One point that is often brought up is that if a person shouted "Fire!" in a crowded location, then the first amendment rights would not protect them. The issue there is not one of the first amendment but of public saftey. The individual yelling fire has placed others at risk. 

Let's get the point: a true patriot is someone that will stand by the rights given to all humans by this nation even when this is not comfortable for them.

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Favre on the Comeback

Apr. 9th, 2008 | 08:32 pm
location: Land of the Cheeseheads
mood: shockedshocked
music: Coldplay

Brett Favre announced in a recent news story that he would consider an NFL comeback if something happened to the new Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers. I want to believe the Brett's intentions were good with this comment considering Rodger's tendancy, getting injured nearly everytime he's been in a regular season game. 

With Favre's comments the Packers fans no longer need to worry about how bad things would be if Rodgers went down for the season. But being from Wisconsin and knowing the reckless passion with which they love Favre and general insanity that permiates the cheesehead culture (of which I proudly am a member), I think Favre's quote could end up as a hit placed on Rodgers.

If you're not familiar with the Packers faithful, then this may seem a overly dramatic conclusion, but it's not. Let me put this all together. Take a group of hardcore fans; place them in bars, icefishing huts, hunting cabins, and rec. rooms over a harsh winter; add beer; ending the season a game away from the Superbowl and the end of a fabled era. The result will be some crazy cheeseheads. Then you add this hint of hope the Favre may return if something happened to Rodgers...oh crap! You have these crazed, drunk fans that are trapped indoors; that's just planning time. This could end up being the next Harrding vs. Kerrigan.

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Making a spectical of myself

Apr. 9th, 2008 | 07:47 pm
location: Wisco Baby
mood: embarrassedembarrassed
music: REM's Everybody Hurts

So I'll start by explain the situation:
My garage door has started not wanting to close; oh it opens fine but won't close. I'll press the botton, it goes down like a foot, stops, and starts opening again as the light flashes. I've tried what I can think of to fix the thing, but it still nothing. Over the past few weeks in order to close my garage door I've had to press the botton, which starts it closing; then as it starts to go up, I have to hit the button again to stop it. Then I repeat this process over and over again until the door is closes. 

To fully understand this let me explain that my garage is in this bay of garages for my condo. There is no door in or out of the garage excpet through the garage door itself. The opener attached to the outside of garage is a number code, so I can't use that to close the door anymore. So there I am standing outside of the garage door with the remote that I've taken off of my visor inching down my garage as the light flashes over and over again. What I've discovered is that this flashing light is a deacon for the useless men in the neighborhood.

It's not humiliating enough that I'm standing there with the remote inching the door down feeling like a shmuck, and these guys have to come over and spectate. At first it was this guy with a full beard and a half bottoned shirt that made it hard to tell what is chest chair and what is beard telling me stories about problems he's made with a different machanical device each day. Then this guy that so how happens to be out for his walk (in the sweetest looking low-top moon boots, which I didn't even know they made, although the idea of him customizing moon boots is what I'm going with) just as I'm pulling in everyday. Recently a few others have joined the crowd.

I know I need to get the thing fixed, but I'm starting to enjoy this group of characters.

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Hunting furnishings

Apr. 1st, 2008 | 06:50 pm
location: Home
mood: shockedshocked
music: Once soundtrack

 So I'm at this sporting goods store the other day (and I have to say that they shouldn't call a hunting and fishing place sporting goods). This sporting goods store has this section that is dedicated to home decor. There are place mats, dishes, table clothes, napkins, and everything else you can think of to create a create a rustic cabin motif in any suburban home.

The thing that really struck me was the wide variety of framed pictures and paintings of wildlife they had. There were deer, pheasants, ducks, moose, fish, and anything else the average sportsman would be looking to kill. The odd thing was that all of these images had the animals alive and well, frolicking in a natural setting. So does a sportman actually buy and decorate their homes with majestic images of animals they would like to kill?! Do they see the painting and think, "That is a beautiful deer proudly standing on the hill which is basket in the sunset's light...I sure would like to put a bullet in that one's head."

I fairness, I did try to think of something else where a person would adorn their home with images of things they enjoy destroying. I was unable to come up with anything. It's not like grandma is looking at her collection of miniature lighthouses thinking, "I'd love to burn those suckers to the ground," or a collection of champions of NASCAR drivers plates and thinks, "Boy it would be sweet if they'd have a live-ending crash?"

Who else things they want dead shown on their walls alive and well. Does some person have portraits of a clean-shaven Charles Manson happily strumming a guitar around a campfire, which is next to John Wayne Gayce dressed as a clown at a birthday party and then think about how much they wanted these mass murders dead? That is one messed up individual. But that's what the average sportsman is doing, and it is messed up. 

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Back from Arizona

Mar. 30th, 2008 | 01:13 pm
location: Wisco
mood: amusedamused
music: Gorillaz, D-Sides

 Well it was a heck of a spring break. A road trip from Wisco to AZ to watch the Brewers play some spring training games. 

I was up at about 5 am. The day we were leaving listening to the radio as I packed when I heard the weather dude say that we're expecting 15 inches of snow. I jumped to the TV to see the radar and I was out the door in a panic. I called Kris and told him to get his stuff ready for a quick pick up and departure. The snow was already getting bad when I picked him up. Just south of Rockforf IL is cleared up.

Later that day we crossed the Mississippi into Missouri. About 10 miles outside of the city we the traffic on I-44 was stopped. We sat in the car for an hour before we started inching on. Turns out that at river over flowed and flooded out this intersection. It was really cool looking to see a semi-truck with water up past its cab sitting at a still functional stop light. Another interesting thing was the spectators watching all of this. A good size crowd had gathered to watch the flooding as it crept closer to the Steak and Shake.

Arizona was pretty sweet. The big shock was that the Brewers played in Maryvale AZ, which is a bit of a ghetto. We had this hotel in the area but did not realize the location of the stadium. While watching the news that night, there was a drive-by shooting, a fire that burned two people alive, and several other interesting happenings in view of our hotel. Some other unique features were a authentic Mexican deli that severed tacos with "meat." Not really sure what kind of "meat" but it looked like a combination of beef, pork, and other. The other was that there was a Sonic right next to our hotel that we ate at three times. A regular feature of the Sonic was a beggar dressed in dark green winter clothes despite being over 90. His eyes were this brilliant red that spoke volumes about his current situation.

The games were pretty nice. The stadium allows you to get close to the field and feel like you're a part of the action. It was great to see the unique audience. One guy was yelling at his kids as they were trying to catch homerun balls hit during batting practice. So there is this crowd of grade school kids and then this 40 year old pushing them around and screaming at his kids to muscle their way into the crowd. Another great one was this college girl that held up a sign asking left-fielder Ryan Braun to marry her. I wonder what he thinks about that. Is that sort of thing flattering or insulting or just plain psychotic. So does the girl really think she has a shoot with this stranger. If she's more realistic, marriage wouldn't be the thing that she'd be offering to the young millionaire ballplayer.

On the drive home, we stopped at this creator tourist thing. It cost $15 per person to see the massive hole in the ground. I did find it more interesting to watch the looks on the faces of the parents the just dropped $100 on this thing. Those looks were worth the price of admission.

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